We specialise in all aspects of UK transportation

warehousing & distribution.

We can offer a wide variey of services in all areas of freight forwarding and domestic cargo handling.

We are specialists in the handling and movement of forest products and we are agents for a number of woodpulp and forest product manufacturers in Canada. The handling of this type of cargo requires good specialist knowledge and specific equipment and storage facilities to ensure safe and damage-free delivery to the customer.

Customer clearance is a required procedure for all importations into the UK.

Many of these procedures have now been simplfied and will ultimately result in a paperless and relatively uninhibited passage for all cargos through Customs. However a customs declaration will always be necessary prior to the goods being allowed to leave the port or point of clearence, and in many ports this can only be transmitted to customs and excise electronically.

 As a result, and in order to ensure the fastest and most efficient service to our customers we are computer linked to Customs and Excise via the MCP network at both Liverpool and Felixstowe. This facility is an absolute requirement to ensure a fast, reliable and problem free passage for your goods through the port. It is important that you not only employ a clearance agent who has such a facility but also ensure that they have the expertise and experience to guarantee that such customs declararations are transmitted correctly to avoid any future queries or possible penalties being incurred from Customs & Excise. Such expertise will extend to the necessary documentation required and what customs codes and procedures will apply for goods originating in certain coutries.










Our staff have the knowledge and experience to answer such questions and will only be too pleased to assist you.

 Please contact one of our staff for the most complete customs clearence you willl find.



 In addition we handle a wide range of general cargo and can be competitive in all quotations for the movement of your cargo.