Ocean freight is the most popular and cost effective method for shipping various types of cargo throughout the world.

Depending upon the size of your shipment there are full container options such as 20’, 40’ & 40’ High Cube containers.

There are also groupage and consolidation services available in containers for your smaller consignments as required. 


Export Cargo:

We can arrange for containers to be loaded with your cargo at your premises or alternatively if you do not have the facilities to load at your depot we can arrange to have the cargo collected from you and delivered to our warehouse where we will perform the export loading of the containers for you. This involves a full export packing service including the lashing, securing and skidding of your cargo to help in the safe transit to its destination. This may also be a requirement of your marine insurer’s conditions of carriage. The containers will of course be officially sealed at the place of loading and the seal number conveyed to your selves and your buyer for checking on receipt of the cargo.

Once your cargo has been loaded into the container or delivered into our store for shipment we will then handle all of the logistics involved in the safe shipment and delivery of your goods to your designated destination.

We can offer shipment under any terms you require such as Ex Works, CIF, FOB, FAS etc.

We can also offer a full and comprehensive documentation service. All bills of lading, TIR, preference forms and Export customs documents as required will be handled by our freight team and forwarded to you to be proofed as acceptable.


Import Cargo:

We offer a full range of services in the handling of all types of cargo from any part of the world for shipment into the UK or any other destination you may require outside of the UK or Europe. This includes both full containers and part load consignments as required.

We can ship goods under any terms you require some examples as follows:


Ex Works: Arrange collection of your cargo from your shipper’s premises at origin, either in containers or as break bulk. Delivery of your goods to the nearest port and perform all logistics involved in the safe delivery of your cargo to its ultimate destination.












FOB: These terms offer receipt of cargo onto the export vessel as shippers in this instance want to arrange their own delivery of the cargo to the relevant port of exportation. We will then be responsible in arranging shipment from the export port through to the goods ultimate destination for you.

 There are of course other terms of shipment such as CIF, FAS etc, and we can arrange all and any shipments under such terms as you may require.

 As I’m sure you know there are many government enforcement teams at the UK ports such as Customs & Excise, Port Health, Defra ( Forestry and certain Food products ), X-ray & the Task force team for example.

We provide a professional Import & Export Customs clearance service that offers offer you all aspects of advise and customs clearance services with all of the above departments. We have clearance badges at all of the relevant ports and are connected to Customs and Excise at these ports and transmit your customs entries directly from our offices without using third parties for this service which of course makes the whole process much quicker.

We are also connected to the Port Authorities own management systems at the ports so we can constantly track and trace your shipments and advise of any delays in transit should they occur as well as monitor the ETA and progress of vessels once they start working at the port of arrival.