Why use a CFS Freight Forwarding:

We will ensure the most economical method of shipment by sourcing the best ocean freight and haulage options suited to your cargo requirements and its  ultimate destination.

We will ensure the safest and most cost effective method of moving your goods

We have a global support network and we are not tied to any individual shipping lines or costly agents so can source the best cost options available for your needs.

We will complete all shipping and customs forms and provide advise on all documentation requirements for all countries you may wish to ship to or export from.

We have professional warehousing staff  who can assist you in the handling of all types of cargo on both imports and exports.

We can advise on alternative methods of transportation and shipping.

As a freight forwarder we can offer a "full package" service from collection at your premises ( or designated place ) through to delivery at your global destination thereby removing the stress involved in your selves haing to deal wit all parties involved at each stage of the movement of your goods from A-B.

 We have been supplying professional and reliable cargo handling services to all of our customers since 1992.

 These services incorporate a wide range of ocean freight, air freight, Warehousing, Storage and road haulage options that we offer to most parts of the globe and our experienced and helpful staff would be more than pleased to assist you in dealing with all of your cargo needs.

We are very active in the movement of a number of forest products

 (i.e. woodpulp, timber products, etc)

and we are agents for a number of large multi national forest products manufacturers around the world.

We also handle all forms of general and specialised cargo and would be pleased to supply you with a competitive and thorough quotation for your cargo from any country of your choice and of course to any destination you require.

We can also provide project and charter services for the more unusual shipping requirements such as large bulk shipments, out of guage cargo and charter hire for large shipping projects.




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